This letter sent to New Zealand shoe manufacturers.

Once upon a time like 2004 and maybe early 2005 it was safe to walk along Auckland Karangahape Road, then Auckland City council ripped up a perfectly safe footpath and laid down a very dangerous footpath when wet.

I have already slipped on my back outside Westpac bank corner of Queen Street and Karangahape Road one morning when it was wet, I WAS NOT AMUSED. I have sent many letters to Auckland City Council, all they can tell me is that this footpath meets their “slip factor” and still Auckland City Council is too gutless to fix that steep part of the footpath I brought to their attention, and to make matters worse with Auckland Super City, we are going to have one big super mess all over Auckland. In fact prior to mid 2004 I used to work in Pakaranga and got sick of Auckland bus service were three buses could take me from Newmarket to Pakaranga, if you missed them you would have to wait half a hour before the next three buses came along, so progressively walked the complete distance between Newmarket and Pakuranga and back again each work day. Never once did I find any problem with footpaths that were wet between Newmarket and Pakaranga, and I tried a small number of different routes.

I would like to get on top of this problem before the 2010 “Wet Season” starts, I have played Russian roulette too long with shoe retailers around Auckland, they don’t seem to be so forthcoming on the “wet slip factor” of their shoes for sale. I DO NOT WISH TO END MY LIFE AS A PARAPLEGIC.

This problem has been brought to the attention of Accident Compensation Corporation, the local newspaper have run stories on this issue in their newspapers, even the local member of parliament tells me he has slipped of this (very dangerous) footpath.

I am looking for a shoe I can wear on my daily walk between Newmarket and Arch hill (Ponsonby — Grey Lyn area), wear at work in a small company and of course suitable for wet footpaths, if you can not help feel free to distribute this letter amongst New Zealand shoe manufacturers. I normally wear a pair of running shoes that costs about $100, despite been told some years ago by a chiropodist running shoes should NOT be warn for walking, but I am happy to pay a little more for a better and safer shoe.

Personal notes

I find this problem unbelivable, why can’t they fix a simple problem when they waste lots more more on other stupid little project around the city. The fact is as a electronics technician requirement for the practicing licence introduced in the 1990’s we were required by law to do first aid refresher coarse and safe working practice every two years, back then I resented such requirements, if anybody should be made to do first aid it should of been the motorist first. I JUST WONDER WHAT EQUIVALENT REQUIREMENTS PEOPLE WORKING FOR THE CITY COUNCIL HAVE TO DO? and if they have to do it every two years? From the trouble I have had to go to with this footpath issue, I don’t think so!

More to come,
(1) Photos,
(2) I think the ACC law should changed, so people are made to pay for accidents if they have been told and refuse to do fix it.
(3) And the story of a death because of a loose cover when the city council was told, but I am still thinking on this one.