The DVD "The Royal" is made for Heatbeat fans

The Royal what great entertainment now New Zealand free-to-air TV has gone brain bead. I suspect the people who have their TV wired up to a TV rating recorder meter attracts viewers whose elevator does not go to the top floor.

Don´t be surprised if you see 6 Heartbeat characters turning up in the Royal (series 1), from the Gina to David. Royal was a spin off from the great 372 episode Heartbeat series.

My only complaint is, the sub-titles show up on the screen by default, so just after the DVD has loaded, you need to tab along to the end of the menu and turn the sub-titles off, if you find this annoying.

The only other thing that annoys me made by this region "dribble" we region 4 people miss out on the episode description that the region 2 people get inside their DVD case (don't worry you can find this on Internet), while they miss out on the worthless "M" rating this DVD has, there is nothing wrong with the drama that I think needs a M rating, just that the story line gets a bit medically strong some times.

I look forward to what follows in later series, now that free to air TV is programmed for vegetables.